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101, City Square, 1st Floor,
Behind Rahul Talkies, Nr. Zenith Complex,
Off. University Road, Shivaji Nagar,
Pune - 411005, Maharashtra.

Know Our Logo

Our logo comprises of four branches forming a circular pattern, where the circle signifies our passion towards creating satisfaction across customers, investors, suppliers, employees & society at large satisfaction.

The color chosen for the four branches are the inspiration which has acted as the moment of inertia for us. The colors in our logo consists of GREY, BLUE, ORANGE & GREEN.

GREY represents land, soil & concrete and forms the base for our endeavor in delivering spaces made for our end users. It also represents security and dependability.

Blue comes from water and sky, which symbolizes infinity and abundant growth opportunity for all. It also represent plethora of knowledge and expertise our team has, which is critical in delivering consistent high quality experience.

ORANGE represents Sun, which is the primary & central source of energy for our universe. It also symbolizes the vibrant team we have, which is poised to meet all benchmarks & create new ones.

GREEN represents nature, fertility & life. It symbolizes well being. It also means learning, growth & harmony. It depicts our commitment towards overcoming newer challenges & turning them into opportunities.